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1. scientific assessment and distribution

For each newly-employed employee, a career evaluation is performed, and assignments are carried out based on the results of the assessment and individual wishes.

2. Comprehensive training program

For the reserve cadres, a one-year training program is tailor-made and career plans are formulated according to personal characteristics. The management team answers any doubts in real time.

According to the needs of post competency, combined with on-the-job professional skills training to enhance the overall ability to enhance, through the assessment to give room for promotion.

For employees of different levels and positions, provide skills training/professional skills/management skills training.

Cooperate with Zhejiang University to provide excellent employees with opportunities for promotion of on-the-job qualifications.

3. a comprehensive promotion channel

Technical channel: staff → (technician) → assistant engineer → engineer → chief engineer → senior engineer → expert

Production Management Channel: Staff → Team Leader → Director → Manager → Director → High Level

Functional management channel: Clerk → Specialist → Supervisor → Manager → Director → High-level