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Phenix Microscopes Presented at the 78th China Educational Equipment Exhibition


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23-25 October 2020, Phenix Optics new microscope product presented on the 78th China Educational Equipment Exhibition sponsored by China Educational Equipment Industry Association at Chongqing International Expo Center.

Since the Instrument Production Unit proposed the plan of developing the intelligent microscope, over 2-year of research and development, the BMC100 digital intelligent integrated LED microscope comes out. This microscope breaks the current status of market which is lack of creativity and shows an important step which Phenix Optics achieved in the field of intelligent microscope.

The BMC100 digital intelligent integrated LED microscope first integrated 8 functional blocks, break through the current pattern of microscopes. With the wireless teaching system for biology subject, realize teaching easily. Meanwhile, the microscope is equipped with digital intelligent circuits and sensitive infrared sensor of human body, integrated into an electromagnetic shielding microscope body, which improves its anti-interference capability, stability and sensitivity. Intelligent control system combine with the excellent performance, provides a continuous LED color temperature change within the range of 3500k to 6500k, color render index above 90 and good heat dissipation performance, can completely fulfil the requirements for color temperature and color rendering index in the lighting places. This new products attracted a large number of industry professionals to stop and give an insight into it.

The new product is designed based on the Ergonomics, the appearance of product is line fluency and nice. With the high quality optical system, this microscope meets a clearer image, more user friendly on observation and usage. Meanwhile it avoids the eye and cervical fatigue caused by observing for a long time, thus improves the working efficiency and provides convenience on digital intelligent teaching, researching and working.

We focus on the interactive teaching for the field of education. This exhibition is a good opportunity to show the high product quality and convenient teaching interaction design of Phenix’s microscope, improves the good reputation in the China education market.