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IoT Life Leads to the Future | Phenix Optics shines in the 23rd CIOE



The 23rd China International Optoelectronic Expo (2021CIOE) was held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from September 16 to 18. As an optical brand with rich experience and long history in the industry, Phenix Optics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Phenix") presented our visitors a full range of vision solutions in a grand display of exhibition, which is not only refreshing in the way we present our products, but also attracted a ton of attention with our exquisite products on display.

In the intelligent world where everything is connected, the extensive applications of 5G communication technologies stimulates the rapid evolution and development of IoT. Phenix takes the concept of "IoT Life Leads to the Future" as the theme of the exhibition. By incorporating the layout of the industry chain and their working scenarios and industries we managed to cover a variety of scenes in smart home, autonomous driving, smart city, surveillance, industrial automation, precision manufacturing and other industries. At the same time, its complete vertical integration ability of supply chain and strong engineering technology ability offers complete system solutions in optical parts, precision metal parts, optical lens, camera module, intelligent control and operation for customers regular and new. Phenix also debuted its latest cutting-edge research and development achievement in the field of industrial machine vision-- "the first 100MP ultra-high pixel industrial lens in China".

Application of vision lens under automotive scenario

To fully embrace the future of automated driving and intellectualization of vehicle Phenix started its strategic layout years ago and has already entered the market. Over the years, Phenix has accumulated abundant experience in automotive lens R&D and manufacturing technology through research and innovation. Phenix has also been certified for IATF16949 as well as other relevant international certification. With product series covering front ADAS lens, surround view lens, In-cabin monitoring lens and inverted image lens, the company has established good partnership with Tier 1 and system companies at home and abroad. In the showcase area of the automotive section, a “car” certainly draws enough attention to be the star of the show. In order to display the full set of solutions in automotive vision more directly, Phenix installed and showcased all relevant automotive vision products in this “car”, which attracted many visitors to exchange thoughts and ideas with the on-site staff.

The vision system under smart home scenario

In recent years, home appliances equipped with vision technology and artificial intelligence technology have been developing rapidly, and more and more intelligent home products based on machine vision technology starts to appear. In addition, to home surveillance, the convenience and intelligence of the existing products in smart home section have also improved, thus increasing the level of satisfaction for our customers. In the smart home industry, the camera module with depth information is able to capture 3D data of objects, and enables smart home terminal detection and recognition, which greatly improves the level of home intelligence. In the "Smart Home” section, the 2MP, cold resistance smart refrigerator camera module with anti-coating shroud is exhibited, featuring live footages of the storage condition inside a fridge. Also exhibited is the oven camera modules. Its ability to operate and kept under storage within 80 and up to 150 degrees respectively allows us to take a closer look at whatundefineds going on inside the oven.

Smart surveillance camera under the public scenario

Surveillance is one of the earliest business focuses of Phenix, and the market share of all kinds of surveillance and intelligent traffic lenses produced by Phenix is also increasing year by year. At its core, our innovative research and development capability and advanced aspherical lens design technology and production capacity really helped us to stay competitive on the market. The industry leading Super Star Light series color lens that was released in recent years is a strong evidence of our capabilities. In this exhibition, a wide array of surveillance lenses with fast aperture, high pixel counts and various focal length, which are widely used in intelligent surveillance, intelligent traffic, access control and so on, were also displayed.

Vision system in factory automation

BMC100 intelligent integrated LCD microscope is yet another must-have in the field of science and education. The machine adopts ergonomic design, smooth lines and elegant appearance. Along with an excellent optical system that enables it to capture sharp and clear images, BMC100 is both easy and pleasant to use. Cervical spine fatigue caused by long period observation could be avoided, and work efficiency improved. The microscope also greatly facilitates digital intelligent teaching, scientific research, relevant work and so on.

The promotion of industrial intelligence is the future trends of machine vision industry. In recent years, Intelligent manufacturing continues to rise, more and more manufacturing enterprises are at the critical crossroad of transformation and upgrading, and improving machine vision technology is of critical importance in the process. In view of this major challenge, Phenix continues to introduce domestic and foreign high-end research and development engineering talents, and increases investment. Phenix not only launched a whole series of machine vision lenses and some high-end customized models, but also developed the countryundefineds first 100-million-pixel ultra-high resolution industrial lens LD series, and launched them to the market thanks to this great opportunity. The series also features ultra-low distortion, F2.8 fast aperture and other characteristics, which is suitable for all kinds of high resolution cameras and 5um 8K LSC; In addition, the mounts are available in V and F mounts can be adapted to other mounts as well. It is widely used in industries of display panel, lithium, printing, solar energy and many more, especially for defect detection, and can be installed onto SLR/ML cameras as well.

Strong support in lean manufacturing

On the way to high-quality products, there are "three carriages" escorting Phenix, respectively molding center, coating center and testing center. With over 50 years of experience and mature process in optical cold processing, mechanical processing and surface treatment, Phenix obtained multi-system certification and is now providing OEM optical lenses and metal parts for well-known multinational companies; Coating center is capable of processing DLC & HD & AR & IR film and hydrophilic/hydrophobic film as well as other difficult film designs; The joint Laboratory of Taylor Hobson Testing Center is able to carry out the testing for  optical components, optical lenses, metal components, microscopic instruments and conduct performance evaluation of single part of whole assembly.  Element testing, measuring instrument calibration/inspection as well as reliability test can also be done within the lab.

During the exhibition, Phenix Optics shows itself in a refreshing way its latest advancements and improvements with a brand new corporate image. In the future, Phenix will play an active role in the Internet of Things and related fields, accelerate the pace of product upgrading from lens to module and complete assembly, enter the upstream and downstream of the Internet of Things industry chain, complete the digital transformation, and commit to providing products and solutions for automotive, Internet of Things, intelligent equipment and other fields. Phenix will continue to provide relevant optical solutions to multinationals with an aim of becoming the leading major player both home and abroad.