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Organic Fusion of Intelligent Control and Smart Home Concept | Phenix Optics Debuted in AWE 2021



2021 Appliance & electronics World Expo (AWE2021) is held on March 23rd in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), during which Phenix Optics presented key products from Intelligent Control, Smart Module and Smart Hardware sectors. This also marks the first exhibition Phenix entered since the merge of its Intelligent Control Business Unit.

Exhibited are Intelligent Control products covering industrial, electronic, home appliance, and medical industries, all of which embraces Phenix’s concept of intelligent kitchen. It’s featuring intelligent controller kitchen hybrid products, including DC vari-frequency stove, oven, washing machine, kitchen hood, etc., are the perfect examples of the strong technological know-how and excellent quality control capability of Intelligent Control BU. Phenix also uses a live demo to fully demonstrate all the features of our smart home appliances.  

Among all the Smart Home, Surveillance and Automotive products, the smart refrigerator module and oven module drew the most attention. 

Intelligent hardware products like IPC, doorbell, facial recognition camera, power-efficient camera, home appliance lenses, etc., merge the traditional optical products with the emerging new demands of the market, and are products that can be enjoyed by all our end-users.

No oceans are formed without the aggregation of countless streams; no mountains can be topped without the thousands of steps climbed ahead. Though it is our first appearance in the Intelligent Control sector, it has successfully attracted a huge amount of attention which led to in-depth discussion with our potential customers, all of them paved the way and laid the foundation for a future prospect of industrial upgrading and technological innovation.